• Otto Blac

(Some) White Folks & Black Grievance

In airing racial grievances, the word "some" is a nuanced, calculated writing message. The difference between the word "some" appearing in specific sentences and not appearing at all can be deliberate or not—depending on the speaker.

White people fuck shit up for us.


Some white people fuck shit up for us.

When Black folks air racial grievances, we generally recognize we don't mean ALL white people; we're inferring to those who actively fuck shit up for us. Some white people are aware of this and don't internalize the statement as a personal attack. Our white friends work hard to understand truncated commentary on ongoing complex historical and systemic problems created by centuries of traditions of oppression in the name of wealth through dehumanization or enslavement of people subconsciously assigned as subhuman because of negative social conditioning and biased media.

Instead of saying all that, we might say, "white people (be) fuck(ing) shit up (for us)."

And our white friends don't balk at the statement because they've done their homework. Maybe they know about over two thousand Black men lynched in the decades after the south lost the Civil War. They can perhaps recount other massacres besides Tulsa that drove Black families from Ocoee, Florida, and Elane, Arkansas. Maybe they stumbled upon the Povineer Massacre in Texas, where US Texas Rangers rounded up Mexican men and boys and shot them on unfounded suspicion of banditry. They've seen false allegations of rape recanted after decades of misery and violence. They've watched Black lives ended at the hands of jumpy police officers who do not know how Black history's timeline shapes our country's wealth, power, communities, and culture. They know Black folks have had their wealth stripped from them time and time again by white folks afraid of distributing economic resources.

Why say all that when I can say white folks fuck shit up?

I don't find it copasetic to adhere to a strict alliance of one's race (or gender) norms, so I find inspiration from our dynamic, colorful world. Culture is the pleasant unexpected difference between you and another group of people; it also has unexpected similarities. Because (some of) white America geographically isolate themselves from cultural experiences and diversity, their most substantial cultural ties are to a history likely taught from the transgressor's perspective. It is challenging to unknot lies manufactured to cover tracks of atrocity committed under white leadership (white people fucking shit up).

Because of this prolonged alternate world of thought, sheltered from culture then informed by false media portrayal and biased news coverage, millions of white Americans live under fabricated oppression. They fear losing rights while white leaders historically always pivot chess pieces to remain in power, and Black people deliberately cannot. These power grabs are unseen, ignored, or forgiven.

Some white folks may never do the work to understand racism and prejudice within themselves and the United States. They will never see their contributions to fucking shit up.

To unfuck shit up, you have to learn how you've been born into a country whose processes and objectives were to make sure people who look like you succeed above all others. Then white folks have to unlearn that Black folks aren't a problem people. They have to understand our Founders made many promises throughout history that went violently unfulfilled, and Black folks suffer because of undutiful, selfish white leadership. Or, to simply put, white folks who fuck shit up.

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