• Otto Blac

Things YSK about Fitting in as a Bisexual Person

Bet you didn't know the bisexual community makes up the majority of the LGBTQ community. Yes, the majority.

Why don't I fit in here?

Bisexual people are cast as hypersexual as pariahs. If you aren't Bi, you may be surprised to learn Bi discrimination occurs in Gay safe spaces. This discrimination creates cognitive dissonance for bisexual people seeking identity confirmation.

How do I fit in here?

Bi people often have to feign polarity to satisfy expectations of Kinsey 0's and 6's.

Bi people in heterosexual relationships face prejudice in LG(B)TQ spaces are not treated as members of the queer community.

Bi women face ostracisation by prospective Lesbian lovers, deeming them unreliable. Bi men get told they are "basically" gay by Gay men.

Where can I fit in?

Bisexuals are less likely to come out than Gays and Lesbians.

Bisexuals make up the majority of the LGBT community and have no safe space.

There is no Bisexual safe space.

Happy Bisexual Awareness Week

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