• Otto Blac

Social Media Likes are Courtesy Laughs to Creatives

Anyone who's shared a new project, business, or blog will tell you it can be challenging to get traffic within the first few weeks to months. In the past, I've written about Black History and the repercussions of Reconstruction. After I write, I'll post on Instagram or Facebook and then wait a few days to see traffic. In the beginning, I learned more people like my posts than read them. What's beautiful about writing on Medium is you can view how much time a reader spends on an article.

So how can creatives get legit traffic to our work?

First of all, remember that not everyone is going to give a happy-shit about what you have to say, even if it pertains to them-- even if you're 100% right. Your closest friends and family may not give a shit about your work, and though they support you, are often the worst people to ask for advice.

Creative freedom means you get to build content for yourself, then serve it to people like you. A stack of likes on social media doesn't guarantee that your work is seen or appreciated. When you bring authenticity, value, and truth to your audience, you'll find it sticks with those who genuinely like it.

Pick three traits about yourself and try to create from the lens of that self. Don't see from the lens of a product or a client (bosses are also clients). If you work for a corporation, take your unique perspective, and work it into company guidelines. Don't let antiquated expectations of professionalism stifle your creative voice.

Push your content to people like you. Never expect people who aren't your audience to move it for you.

Break a leg, Geeks!

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