• Otto Blac

My Geeky Black Election Stress

What do you think would happen if the United States drafted a new constitution under the current administration? A new administration won't save us either.

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2020 Election image from NBC News

It's been eight months since the pandemic entered the US, and our world has been rudely awakening.

The difference between them (Trump's Army) and us is, they only want to preserve their identity and no one else's. In contrast, liberal democrats seek to safeguard the rights of all identities.

I fear the masses of White people will re-enter their disillusionment that this election will solve the collection of problems we've faced for decades.

Maybe this is a personal problem. But some White people think there's a cure-all, and that ignorant notion spreads and expands until the people whose help is needed is forgot.

Because essentially, no matter what happens, a lot of White Americans will be mostly unaffected. They'll be left with more of the same ethical turmoil to sort out amongst their peers. Normalcy can resume, and discrimination inherent to other groups and cultures will remain benign. A symptom of history we can define but is even more challenging to teach.

Trump losing this election is like the classroom equivalent of that disruptive kid getting thrown out of the group so everyone else can get back to work. That's what we need to happen. The Biden administration isn't going to do everyone's homework but will make it easier for us to get it done.