• Otto Blac

Keeping it 100: Is LinkedIn Unfair for PoC?

Success in The 21st Century turned into a pissing contest long before we could evaluate each other's work life on social media. If you're a woman, Black or Brown person, like me, LinkedIn seems like an add-on gatekeeping tool for white employers to discriminate.

If LinkedIn were a fair-seeking platform, it would exercise awareness that humans are highly capable of implicit (unconscious biases), and photos only help employers discriminate against qualified candidates of color.

I fucking love stats. Let's look at some:

· Going back a quarter-century, statistically speaking, whites receive 36% more callbacks than African-Americans and 24% more callbacks than Latinx.

· Black-sounding names are 50% LESS likely to receive an interview despite having the same education and qualifications.

· 3.2% of executives and senior leaders in the US are African-American.

· There are only 4 Black Male CEOS in Fortune 500 Companies. And ZERO Black Female CEOS

Diversity in Big Tech:

Percentage of Black Employees in Workforce & Leadership

Amazon: 26.5% workforce, 8.3% leadership

Apple: 9% workforce, 3% leadership

Google: 3.7% workforce, 2.6% leadership

Facebook: 3.8% workforce, 3.1% leadership

Higher Job Positions = Less Diverse

Need I say more?

"Black and Brown people are typically the last hired and first fired. Whites are hired based on potential, whereas Blacks are hired based on demonstrated accomplishments."

For a Black candidate to compete with someone white, they'd need significantly more experience under their belt, regardless of being able to perform the same job tasks. Why? Because Black achievement isn't merited unless approved by a white audience.

You can't just be a super average Black person and get a job working with equally ordinary white people. You have to be the exception, the golden child— the "little Obama".

We can disguise or hide aspects of our identity online, such as our height, maybe our weight, our sexual preference, our fucking diets. But with job profile photos, employers and headhunters are vulnerable to subconsciously identifying job seekers by labels of primary potency and discrediting them on race, gender, or disability.

What's my call to action? Remove photos. It only hurts applicants and allows employers to selectively hire by race, gender, and vanity.

If it's illegal to ask for a photo when sending an in-person resume, why do we subscribe to it online?

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